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While it may be the last space you would expect to find trouble in but fact is both your crawl space and attic are the perfect environments for a myriad of problems to make home and thrive. Over the winter, a lot of dust will get accumulated in the crawl space and attic of your house. You may also find your home to become a sort of rest house for various types of rodents.

You may discover rodents’ nests in your attic after a long winter has passed. These will cause all sorts of bad smells to arise in your house. Additionally, they can also be the cause of many diseases. If your house isn’t insulated in an air-tight way, dust will have gotten in over the year too. Though it may not seem like much, dust can actively harm your household objects, especially anything you may have kept stored in your attic.

Additionally, an un-insulated attic or crawl space will be at risk of different sorts of infestations by various bugs. These can get into your house and eat away at expensive items and even wiring that may cause a short circuit to occur and may cause you a lot of more money than you might have initially spent on the crawl space and attic cleaning in the first place.

After you clean your attic out, you may discover that due to various reasons, holes and cracks have developed in walls and the roof that may cause rain and insects, etc to get in. Sometimes houses which haven’t been insulated before suffer the worst. Fortunately, we also offer attic insulation in Edmonds WA.

Insulation can help you reduce heating and cooling costs as well because cracks and holes can cause your carefully controlled temperature to get imbalanced due to the atmosphere outside. This can mean that your HVAC system will have to work twice as hard and will not only decrease the life span of the machine but will also cost you great amounts in energy bills.

Here are a few benefits of cleaning and insulating your attic and crawl space:

  • Prevents energy loss resulting in reduced heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduces noise levels.
  • Prevents premature roof deterioration and costly replacement.
  • Helps avoid ice buildup resulting in icicles, which wreaks havoc on a home’s structure.
  • Helps avoid excess moisture and condensation which can result in mold and mildew, affecting air quality and attic integrity.
  • Helps ensure a rodent/feces-free setting.
  • By using fewer resources to heat and cool your home, you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

Crawl space & attic cleaning Edmonds is the best option if you are seeking crawl space cleaning services in the Edmonds WA area. Our team of professionals ensures that you get what you paid for. We will make sure that you will get the best experience and service so you won’t have to worry about insulation or cleaning until the season rolls around next year.

Call or email us right now to get a quote at an affordable price so we can begin work on making sure that your family is safe and protected from any and all diseases and health risks at all times!

Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning Edmonds WA

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