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If you or anyone in your family has respiratory problems, you should take care that your air ducts aren’t clogged or filled with contaminants. Over the course of a year, your body will naturally track in dust from the outside. Apart from this, you will produce dander and other chemicals that are result of a body’s natural process. Even though these processes are natural, they can harm people who have sensitive respiratory systems.

Any dust and chemicals will get circulated through your house at least 5 to 7 times a day when you adjust the heating and cooling and this will affect all the members of your house. It is essential to get your air ducts cleaned by a professional service at least once a year.

In case you don’t clean your air duct regularly, remember that you will also be incurring added electricity costs because your air duct system will have to work twice as hard to circulate air past the blockages in the vent. Working harder also shortens the life of the system and you have to replace the full system sooner than you had initially been planning on doing so.

Following are some warning signs you need to keep an eye out for, they will point out when your air duct needs cleaning:

  • Clearly visible dust coming out of the ducts and vents.
  • Visible debris or mould in the ducts.
  • Dead insects and rodents infesting the ducts.
  • Foul odor in the home.

What Air Duct Cleaning Edmonds can do for you:

Air Duct Cleaning Edmonds WA has some of the most highly trained technicians and best equipment for the job; we ensure that our customers are never disappointed. Our services constitute of the following:

  • We clean and vacuum the furnace, cooling coils and blower unit.
  • We also take care of the supply as well as return registers, grills and ducts using powerful duct cleaning equipment.
  • Once that is done, we make sure to decontaminate the cleaned ducts with soot set seal and deodorizer to kill the odor.
  • Finally, we can also install electrostatic air filter and odor control products so that odor does not return for months.

Employ the services of a professional service for air duct vent cleaning in the Edmonds WA area.

Air Duct Cleaning Edmonds WA

Edmonds, WA
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